Have you ever found yourself standing in front of your closet, fridge or mirror and wondered how the heck you were supposed to feel positive about (or even get by with) whatever was staring right back at you?

...We can totally relate.

Style is like spice...  Whether it is something that you simply dream about or the pure essence of who you are, style flavors how you feel, how you express yourself, and how you come alive.

For those seeking to add an extra bit of flavor, and others who simply enjoy a bit of help and inspiration along the way...

That's where we come in.

Pepperologie is a social, hands-on workshop that features creative yet practical lessons on how to add flavor and spice to every part of your life.

Attendees experience a robust day filled with experts teaching courses about what they know and love, in an interactive classroom full of women who all share one very common bond:  An appetite for becoming the best versions of themselves possible, and the desire to have fun learning how at the very same time.

If you share these sentiments with us, we're excited to meet you and would love to have you join us while we feast on a Five-course Study of Style.